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New for 2018 * Selfie Rag Dolls
* Frilly Frocks Couture
* Decades Outfits
* Terrence Clark Collection
* Social & Emotional Bears

Customised Hand Made outfits made to fit any cuddly toy to your requirements – from school uniforms to elite fashion wear.

Take a look at our new Hand Made ‘Selfie’ Rag Dolls that are designed to look like you!

Children will adore our unique creations.

Friendly, Eco & Green - 'We Create, Recycle or Replicate'.

School Uniforms
4 Bears

School Bears

We re-tailor your recycled, unused or unwanted school uniforms & corporate image / work wear
to fit our 14"-18" teddy bears.


Craft Workshop

Bringing back the old fashioned hobbies of the past to the present and future. We offer Sewing, Crocheting & Knitting classes for children of all ages. Book a class today!.

Teddy Tea

Cuddly Bear Wear Nun, Priest & Choir Boy bears.

Bring your friends to one of our ‘Stuff a Bear’ parties to celebrate your special occasion. Afterwards enjoy our English afternoon Tea Party. A take on a the great British custom. New in Harlow.


Beautiful Handmade frocks for Teddy Bears & Ragdolls. Your little girl will love them!’ All designs are made in the UK by Cuddly Bear Wear.


Our unique new range of Handmade clothing for Teddy Bears and Ragdolls. Celebrating all the fashionable decades from the last century, that’s now part of our British History.’

Terrance Clark
Heritage Collection

Terrance Clark Heritage Collection

This is our new Signature Collection by Terrance Clark. Celebrating designs from a gone by Era. This special collection is for the privileged few. British & Handmade.


Our Handmade ragdolls are as unique as you are and designed to look like you! From hair texture, skin tone, eye colour, and the style of your clothes. Who wouldn’t want to be you!’


We have a wonderful range of cuddly animals to choose from. Your children will fall in love with our soft cuddly animals and adore them so much!’


Teddy Tailor

If you would like to have an outfit made to your specific requirements then we will tailor by hand your customised request to fit any teddy bear or rag doll.

Faith &

Faith & Culture

Our unique handmade outfits are a fantastic gift for those who are into faith and culture. Great for Holy Communions, Christenings, Weddings, Festivals & Ceremonies.



Children can stuff & build their very own cuddly animal. Choose from the many different cuddly animals in our range. Great for children’s parties!


Gift Packages

Our gift packages are a wonderful way to send a personalised gift with message to those who mean a lot to you. Cuddly gift packages are beautifully gift wrapped to celebrate that special occasion.